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PROs – PLHIV module

Patient-reported outcomes – An interactive resource for people living with HIV

Learn more about patient-reported outcomes and measures and how they can be used to understand the overall health and quality of life in people living with HIV

This interactive resource on patient-reported outcomes (PROs) aims to provide you with the knowledge of what PROs are, why and how they are measured and how they are used to help doctors take a holistic view on your well-being. The module also gives practical examples of different questionnaires used to collect PROs in people living with HIV and how their results may be interpreted by doctors.

After completing the module, you should feel confident about talking to your healthcare professional about PROs and how PROs can help support your long-term health.

What does this resource cover?

Staying healthy: more than just viral suppression

  • Heath-related quality of life: a new goal in HIV
  • What does patient-centred care in HIV look like?

What are PRO questionnaires and what are they used for?

  • What do PROs help find out?
  • What common questions do PRO questionnaires ask?
  • Examples of PRO questionnaires used in HIV

How are PROs used in HIV?

  • How may the results of PRO questionnaires help you manage your long-term health?
  • Examples of how PRO questionnaires are made accessible to PLHIV and healthcare professionals


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