To learn more about HIV and how to manage it, hear how other people living with HIV have overcome any challenges, or to support your conversations with family and friends the following resources are available to download.


To stay healthy, think beyond your viral load. This factsheet will help you to know what other measures of health you can ask your healthcare team about.


Men and women are physically different, often live different lifestyles and experience different milestones. These infographics provide health information to help you understand what to expect at every age, so you can plan for the future.


A wild child, a history-maker, an advocate, a peer-mentor, a microbiologist, an artist, a mother of twins, a leader, and a family girl. Hear how HIV doesn’t define these nine women; HIV is just a part of them.

Hear from women living with HIV about the challenges and celebrations women living with HIV today may face, including becoming a mother, dealing with stigma, the importance of support and relationships. 


With the right information women living with HIV can take control of their health and have informed conversations with their healthcare professionals to enable them to live well at every stage of life.

11 men share their thoughts about staying healthy with HIV, beyond their viral load. These posters highlight the risk factors and test results that can inform your lifestyle and treatment choices, to ensure HIV is just a part of you.

11 Men, 11 Stories

11 men discuss the events, people and moments in time that have shaped the way they live with HIV today. Each talk openly about how they felt receiving their diagnosis, their journey of acceptance and ambitions to live healthily.

Living with HIV today

Six very different people living with HIV in Australia share their inspiring and empowering personal stories of what it means to live with HIV today, their hopes for the future, and how HIV is just a part of them.

Take Control

Listen to healthcare professionals and people living with HIV discuss how to take control of your health, understand your test results and become a shared-decision maker in your HIV management.

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