Living with HIV

Enjoy Lifelong Good Health With HIV

Everyone has an individual story to tell and HIV shouldn’t stop you sharing yours. Here you will find the stories of others living with HIV, at different stages of life and their HIV journey. A selection of films also showcase the public’s understanding of HIV transmission and what it means to be ‘undetectable’. Learn how to be proactive in managing your own health, to think beyond viral load and to enjoy lifelong good health with HIV.

9 Women, 9 Inspirational Stories

A wild child, a history-maker, an advocate, a peer-mentor, a microbiologist, an artist, a mother of twins, a leader, and a family girl. Hear how HIV doesn’t define these nine women; HIV is just a part of them.

Hear from women living with HIV about the challenges and celebrations women living with HIV today may face, including becoming a mother, dealing with stigma and the importance of support and relationships.


Hear from the men who discuss the events, people and moments in time that have shaped the way they live with HIV today. Each talk openly about how they felt receiving their diagnosis, their journey of acceptance and ambitions to live healthily.

Take Control

Learn how to take control of your own health, understand your test results and become a shared-decision maker in your HIV management including advice from healthcare professionals.


Six cities, five continents, one goal: Ending urban HIV epidemics by 2030.
Find out more about this tale of courage, determination and resilience of remarkable people in six Fast-Track Cities around the world, and how they are working to end the HIV epidemics in their communities.

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